Explore the potential of our services

You get a program and issue invoices

We operate in a modern way – you sign a contract with us and get access to Petra24 – you issue sales documents, and you provide cost invoices with your chosen path

Biuro Petra

You have an invoice archive and access to ERP

We operate innovatively: we store scans of your documents – invoices, contracts, projects, and the system can be freely expanded according to your current needs, e.g. cyclic invoices, warehouses, CRM, cost centers

Biuro Petra

Always up to date with regulations

We operate comprehensively: you can be sure that your company is accounted for in accordance with the law and we update the system to change the rules without additional fees

Biuro Petra

Take advantage of modern accounting services!


  • convenience of work
  • Petra24 also in English
  • access to data 24/7
  • good prices
  • comfort and calmness

Check and see how your company can benefit from cooperation with the Petra Office.