How online accounting services work

It does not matter where our clients are physically located and operating, on what terms they settle their companies – modern technologies allow us to service entities from all over Poland

Full accounting, remote HR and payroll – our solutions guarantee high quality, convenient communication and a bonus for entrepreneurs – access to the Petra24 system. 

The formal steps take place under the supervision of a customer manager from the Customer Service, who will provide you with all the necessary information and documents, as well as answer your questions.

1. You sign a contract with us

We get to know your company:

  • what industry do you operate in?
  • how do you run your business
  • how do you settle your taxes?
  • what processes in your company could the Petra24 system support?

We recognize the conditions, needs and possibilities of cooperation, if there are any indications – we make individual arrangements and an implementation plan.

You choose a convenient method of document delivery: delivery, mail, courier or scan.

You receive the contract by e-mail – you sign it and send it back. As well as powers of attorney to your Tax Office and Social Insurance Company (ZUS).

2. You get access to Petra24

You will receive login details. From now on, you issue invoices, analyze receivables, keep an eye on liabilities, use the online archive – you can conveniently run your business without additional fees.

We offers multilingual interface – choose the language in which you want to view financial data (for example English, German, Russian, French).

3. We help to transfer documents

If you come to us from another office or transfer your accounting or HR department, you can count on our support in the efficient transfer of your documents and data. We will also familiarize persons delegated to contact us with the principles of cooperation and the possibilities of the system.

4. You provide documents, we book

You provide us with the cost documents in the chosen way – originals (delivery, mail, courier) or scans directly to the Petra24 system, and the rest belongs to us – we book, calculate taxes, send declarations, provide the results for your analyzes and decisions…

We offer cooperation based on one of two models: Classic Office or Modern Company


The Petra Office is always responsible for accounting and taxes, and the difference is who enters the cost documents into Petra24. So choose a way of delivering documents according to your needs and possibilities. Remember that regardless of the model of cooperation – each client of the Petra Office can issue sales invoices in Petra24, keep settlements and conveniently analyze the financial data of their company.

Classic OfficeModern Company
you deliver documents to the Petra Office (delivery, post office, courier)you enter scans of documents and basic data to Petra24
(always online source document)
we enter data into Petra24your accountant sees them immediately
you have online access to them you keep the original documents


Classic Office – we provide our clients with everything that is traditionally offered by an accounting office, at the same time we include an Internet-based software for running a business. Customers deliver original documents to the Petra Office – personally, by courier or by mail. We deal with accounting, preparation of transfers and declarations, which we send to the Tax Office and Social Insurance Institution, and our clients have 24/7 access to the archival and current financial data of their company.

Modern Company – Clients enter scans of cost documents and basic data from documents to Petra24, thanks to which they themselves always have access to the source document and are responsible for storing the originals of these documents. Next, there is full office responsibility, as in the Classic Office model. We have experience in handling tax inspections remotely – Clients provide only space and binders with documents – contact with the Tax Office is on the side of the office.

Note – a hybrid!
If you are interested in a different solution or a combination of the features of both models, please report it to us – we will find a solution.


  • you do not need a place, employment, equipment, programs and current knowledge related to accounting or human resources in the company


  • thanks to the comprehensive and professional service of the accounting office, you have accounting services, HR and payroll outsourcing and our support
  • our team of several dozen people will provide you with continuity and stability of service


  • with us, invoicing is included in the price of services
  • you send invoices by e-mail directly from the Petra24 system
  • in addition, convenient tools for handy data analysis
  • the connection with settlements allows you to conveniently monitor payments and use the debt collection module


  • we offer modern software for running a business Petra24
  • system can “grow” with your company – to the size of ERP


  • now you have 24/7 access to invoice scans and the information you need
  • you can also attach other documents in your business: contracts, technical drawings, etc.
  • electronic personal files, employee e-files


  • via the Internet, with the ability to work even during interruptions in Internet access
  • you are not limited by office hours


  • traveling to the accounting office and standing in traffic jams are no longer a necessity


  • you can outsource accounting outside your home or business area


  • by choosing the Petra Office, you do not need to register anywhere, and your data is always safe

If you are interested in something more than what we offer as standard, for example:

  • service or system in a foreign language,
  • support for multiple points of sale,
  • warehouse management module,
  • more than one Petra24 user,
  • production accounting,
  • management accounting tools,
  • integration in your system,

after identifying your needs and business processes, we will propose an optimal solution.

We often do not realize that the digital cloud (cloud computing) accompanies us at every step – we make transfers, watch companies, keep documents from work…

  • data stored on virtual disks – we can view and edit them from our computer
  • the services consist in processing information on external servers
  • the user has the ability to use advanced IT technologies without the need to install entire programs on their own devices, often complicated and requiring good hardware
  • an ordinary computer is enough, because the companies that offer cloud services are responsible for the correct operation of programs and data processing
  • the cloud user is not worried about maintaining the servers and does not have to remember to make backups

This is how banks, offices and corporate IT systems and the Petra24 system operate today:

  • Petra’s clients install a “plug” to the system on their computers
  • encrypted information flows between customers and accountants “in the background”, without user interference
  • the data is stored on secure servers in the Data Center
  • Petra24 system is available on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets

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